Career Prospects



In the professional sector of tourism, there are as many jobs as there are destinations. Grouped into six major sectors (Transport; Leisure; Territorial Institutions; Catering & Accommodation; Events; Travel), all of which are as rich in possibilities as the others and which will lead you to positions whose goals may be centered around design, sales, animation or information.

15 years ago, there was little or no mention of Yield Managers, Ecotourism Animators, Customized Travel Consultants, Data Analysts, or Web Marketing Managers… The next 15 years are just as promising. This is where you could have a key role to play.


  • Project manager for the promotion and development of local tourism
  • Product manager for a tour operator
  • Consultant
  • Project manager in business tourism
  • Project manager for events


  • Travel Agent
  • Sales Agent
  • Tourist office agent
  • Casino manager
  • Sales manager
  • Exhibition manager
  • Sales and marketing manager


  • Local tourism coordinator
  • Animation manager
  • Community Manager
  • Guild Lecturer
  • Sports and leisure equipment operator


  • Station agent
  • Receptionist in luxury hotels
  • Tourism office manager
  • Concierge services

Sectors of activity

Our students work in a wide variety of sectors: luxury, airports, reception, travel agencies, events agencies, tour operator, online-OTA agency, tourist office, regional tourism commissions, travel management company, foreign tourist offices, airlines, maritime companies, river transport companies, car rental firms, casinos, theme parks, wellbeing centres, museums/monuments, hotels, tourist residences, holiday clubs, open air hotels, and so on.


The Tourism Alumni Association is vice-presided by Sophie WEISSE (Sales & Business Development Director: Corum – Palais des Congrès and Zénith Sud – Montpellier Events). She organizes meetings between alumni and new students to develop real networking during and after their studies.