Express your potential and specialise

Unlike many economic sectors, tourism is not undergoing a crisis. Two sectors are particularly buoyant. These are luxury tourism, which has had a boost from the influx of new customers (Russian, Chinese, Brazilian etc.) and the business and events sector, with trade fairs, seminars and international shows. Festivals and sports competitions are also continually growing. To help you plan a career in France or elsewhere, all the teaching is provided in English, for greater operational efficiency.

Business tourism is a sector that covers business travel, professional conventions, seminars and conferences. Event organisers can also work in business tourism, in a company, an events agency, a tourist office or a specialist travel agency.

Our specialisation gives you the skills to design, produce and manage a corporate project or tourist event, opening up professional prospects that are as wide and diverse as the sectors where you can work.

Luxury tourism is a constantly evolving sector. Players in this sector such as agencies, tour operators and hotels must continually adapt to a clientèle constantly seeking to push back the boundaries of imagination to make each trip or holiday “a unique, personal experience”. Our specialisation therefore trains you to become a versatile manager, capable of developing within a luxury tourist organisation, with the skills to develop offers and services appropriate to the needs and expectations of demanding customers.