Program & dual degree


Unlike many economic sectors, tourism is not undergoing a crisis. Two sectors are particularly buoyant. These are luxury tourism, which has had a boost from the influx of new customers (Russian, Chinese, Brazilian etc.) and the business and events sector, with trade fairs, seminars and international shows. Festivals and sports competitions are also continually growing. To help you plan a career in France or elsewhere, all the teaching is provided in English, for greater operational efficiency.

⦁ 9 months of teaching in France
⦁ Business work placement: 2-3 months in France or abroad

The final year prepares students for an international career with one academic semester abroad. This semester is complemented by a six-month work placement, a springboard to help you launch your career.

⦁ 4 months of teaching abroad
⦁ Business work placement: 6 months, in France or abroad


The School of Tourism offers you a chance to obtain a dual degree from a choice of three countries. This means that, in addition to your degree from your original establishment, you will be awarded a degree from a second establishment, after completing part of your education in that institution.

Four degrees are offered in three countries:

  • ⦁ Spain: Escuela de Negocios, Camara de Comercio de Sevilla Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Universidad de Salamanca, Campus de Avila
    ⦁ Latvia: Turiba University – RIGA
    ⦁ Poland: University of Business in Wroclaw