This year is characterized by two semesters of courses based on learning the fundamentals of management applied to tourism (marketing, sales, and management). The objective is threefold: to discover the players in the sector, to understand the environment in which they evolve (geography, economy, current events applied to tourism…), without forgetting the digital dimension. The year concludes with an operational internship of at least 2 months in a company, in France or abroad.

9 months of classes in France
Internship in a company: 2 to 3 months, in France or abroad

Example of courses:

Geography of tourism in France
Actors and evolution of the tourism industry
Design and sale of tourism products

One semester is dedicated to deepening knowledge of markets and organizations. The other semester is dedicated to international experience with a real immersion to live a meaningful learning experience.

4 to 6 months of classes abroad
4 months of classes in France
Internship: 1 to 3 months, in France or abroad (optional)

Example of courses:

Sustainable destination management
Evolution of tourist customer behavior
Experiential marketing

This 3rd year will allow you to optimize your professional experience and your business expertise. You will develop your network and new projects in order to open up to the tourism industry.

You will also have the choice of deepening your expertise in one of the two specialisations offered. Finally, a 6-month internship will conclude your course (in the initial course).

5 months of courses in France with the choice of a specialisation
Internship: 6 months, in France or abroad

Example of core courses:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Tourism
Transport & Logistics
Management control

It is possible to choose a work-study program!

The School of Tourism offers a 3rd year of the work-study program for students with a bachelor’s degree. The work-study program is a real springboard to the future since the student can spend a whole year in a company at a rate of 3 weeks in the company and 1 week per month at the school on average. They can thus acquire the skills of a real professional before even graduating!

What are the advantages? A solid experience while remaining accompanied by the school and financial independence: tuition fees are covered by the company and the student is paid.