The strengths

30 destinations

8 to 11 months work placement

2 specialisations

A state-recognized diploma

The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management (Bac+3) from the School of Tourism is a diploma recognized by the State (level 6).

Training of excellence

The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management (Bac+3) of the School of Tourism  is a training program certified by the Conférence des Formations d’Excellence au Tourisme (CFET)

The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management is a three-year program, accessible through a competitive examination after obtaining the baccalaureate or a baccalaureate+2.

A professional diploma

We train you in the different sectors of the tourism industry. In the 3rd year, choose to specialize in tourism thanks to the 2 specializations offered:

Business development and digital strategy 

Hospitality and experiential strategies

Our Bachelor’s degree is designed to be professional thanks to its 8 to 11 months of internships, turned towards the international with the opportunity to go abroad for a semester of courses during a university exchange among 50 destinations and of course in adequacy with the current job market, you will benefit from courses given by professionals of the sector with the only goal of training you to be the employee of tomorrow.

Students with a baccalaureate degree can join EST directly in the 3rd year on a classic or alternating course. The work-study program is a real springboard to the future since students can spend an entire year in a company at an average rate of three weeks in the company and one week per month at the school. They can thus acquire the skills of a real professional before even graduating!

What are the advantages? A solid experience while remaining accompanied by the school and financial independence: tuition fees are covered by the company and the student is paid.

At the end of the Bachelor’s degree, there are two options: entering the workforce or continuing your studies toward a Mastere degree or MSc.